Thrash Commercial Contractors

Who is Thrash Commercial?

Thrash Commercial Contractors, Inc. has made some major steps as a general contractor since the inception of Tommy Thrash Construction, Inc. in 1977. From the construction of small residential additions to complex, multi-million dollar commercial projects, Tommy Thrash has been able to maintain the principles on which the company was formed.  Those principles were and are dedication to superior construction and striving to insure that our customers are satisfied. Much of the work that we do today is a direct result of relationships that were formed many years ago.  Our goal is to continue with the type of business practices on which those relationships were formed.

In the early 1970's, Tommy Thrash gained valuable field experience working for a large commercial contractor for six years, working on projects such as Highland Village and teh Clarion Ledger building in Jackson, MS.  In 1977 Tommy Thrash started his own construction company known as Tommy Thrash Construction Co., Inc.  Residential renovations led to the construction of new and larger custom homes. When the opportunity arose in the mid 1980's to build convenience stores/gas stations for Shell Oil Company, he did not hesitate because of his commercial construction field experience. The commercial work continued to come in throughout the 1980's and 1990's which lead to the decision to form Thrash Commerical Contractors, Inc. in 2000.

One of the main reasons the new company was developed was because of the focus that two new employees, Matt McWilliams and Josh Thrash, were able to place on commercial work. Since that time the company has grown tremendously and is steadily expanding in size and the capability to handle increasing demands.

Tommy, Josh and Matt will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that the highest level of quality is achieved on each and every project on which Thrash Commercial Contractors, Inc. places it name.  We are proud to have worked on commercial projects such as  Madison Ridgeland Academy, Bob Boyte Honda, Region 8 Mental Health, and the Rankin County School District.